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I have many years experience of cat breeding, judging etc., also some veterinary experience.

Important Notice, please read this ! 

Pedigree kittens, especially Ragdolls can be slow to mature, they grown and mature for 4 years !

The adverts I see on the internet from "backyard" breeders selling kittens at 8 or 9 weeks, are not fully weaned when taken away from their mother too soon, and not leave the Breeders care until 12/13 weeks.

Also there can be psychological problems when taken away from their mothers and litter mates too early.

If you want a healthy, happy kitten then wait until he/she has had all vaccinations, be microchipped and registered to you (the new owner), also and vet health certificate, plus should comefrom HCM negative/tested parents - ask to see test certificates

Also always go to a reputable registered breeder, always via The British RagdollCat Club website, where you will find genuine breeders and kittens available - but be prepared to wait !

Not all breeders have the care of their kittens at heart, many just want to make money from them !

Kittens should be fully vaccinated, microchipped, health checked and should not be homed until at least 12 weeks

This is advised by the Breed Clubs and Registering bodies in the Cat Fancy.

A "cheap" kitten is not necessarily a healthy one - thank you for taking the time to care.