Snowpoms Ragdolls kittens are all bred from Show Quality parents, 
from the correct original Patriarca and Traditional bloodlines, 
they do not have any other breeds in the pedigree, 
so are PURE Ragdolls.
 My cats, have been Best In Show at the last 6 shows
with many Champions in their pedigrees. 

My stud boys are ALL Champions, and very precious to me; 
and of course I strive to produce only the best top quality kittens.

I am extremely proud of every kitten born, 
and can honestly say that all are show quality. 
it's just a shame most new owners do not have
 the time to show my fur babies ! 
It is a great and fun day out, and you will meet some 
lovely and genuine cat devoted people. 

I do not breed kittens to sell; 
I breed to produce the best kittens in England.
 and to Show these beautiful babies as much as possible
 I just wish I could keep them all !
So as a new owner of a "Snowpoms" Kitten, 
you will know you have absolute top quality and pure Ragdoll breeding.

I love these beautiful cats and seeing them grow and mature, 
My Stud boysfrom Germany, "Taz" (Champion Up to Date Du Masque Bleu)
 a Chocolate Bi Colour Boy who was Overall Top Male in 2016,  
The baby "Adonis" (Champion Vivaldi Adonis Du Masqu Bleu) 
a stunning Lilac Colourpoint boy,  became a Champion in January 2017.
together with my stunning gorgeous "Mork" Lynx Seal Patriarcra boy, 
who of course is also a Champion.

I am presently running on two stunning boys, Snowpoms King of Klubs, a seal bicolour "Sonny" and Snowpoms Mulberry Martin, seal lynx mitted "Fat Boy"
plus another boy, a Chocolate Mitted born recently hopefully to be my next Champions and exceptional daddy cats for the future.

All traditional breeding and correct type, correct features, 
good size and wonderful temperament.  
The imported European bloodlines, together with the original 
correct traditional bloodlines give babies to die for, 
I just hate having to part with any of them !
I also offer to care for our fur babies whilst you are away on holiday, 
luxury facilities. small and exclusive, care with love and cuddles.