UPDATE....... on the Snowpoms Household......

I am keeping a beautiful Lilac Lynx Male who is already a very big lad, "Snowpoms Xander InXS"

wonderful temperament - photo's to follow!

Also, a lovely pale blue boy from the daughter of my lovely Mindy whom I lost earlier this year, 

"Snowpoms Yamuchi" - again photo's to follow......

Plus a little seal point girl from my Toya, "Snowpoms Winona Waki"  who will of course carry blue...........

Plus a gorgeous little blue bicolour girl from Topsy............ born on my birthday (so she has to stay !)

(And I am supposed to be cutting down ! -  impossible with so many stunning gorgeous babies - I just want to keep them all

Below: Champion Snowpoms King of Klubs a perfectly marked Seal Bicolour Male (now aged 16 months)

 a truly beautiful boy who I have kept for stud (and cuddles)

Below my latest stunning male for stud - Snowpoms Romeo, a Chocolate Colourpoint Boy

at only 6 months he is already almost 5 kilos!